Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Good or Bad???

      There could be a moment where you really question to it I am good a daughter, as a friend, as a sister,and etc...For me, the question always comes around to my mind...You really one to be good person to person your take care of. But seems we don't have a clue either. We really thought that we have done much enough for them. Apparently, it isn't. I'm just human who still learning...sometimes, I do/ say something that I don't supposed to. Also, maybe I do something that cross line your personal. I really didn't mean that. I'm really sorry.
       Am I doing good enough???? Sometimes this question really burdened me enough. I know it but surprisingly at the same time, I still striving for it. It has kinda feeling where you took long journey, run hard for your destination but you can't seem your final destination. Wondering to my self, am I going to live like this for the rest of my life? I really can't imagine it. There are something inside my self, from bottom of my heart, told me that I missing something...something that should be one of a part in myself. Truly hope could find that missing part.
P/S: For somebody, forgive me for always trying to call u these days. It just I feel lonely...I just wanna share something with u. I know you have a lot of thing to take care of but I just want you to hear. I didn't ask much. I know I'm such crybaby during old times and I did promise not to disturb for such small things. So,I didn't call u. Next week I'm gonna having exam. So. I really wants to hear your voice, giving support for me. Maybe for you, it just a small thing, but it meant a lots for me.


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